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Attention: Coaches, Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle Professionals

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Do You Have The Income and Lifestyle Freedom You Want?

Discover how to build a solid online coaching business that will make a fantastic income, attract ideal clients and give you time for your family and life...all in the next 12 months working from home.

Earn Quickly

Every woman should be able to financially support herself and her family. One of my personal goals is to free each of you from financial dependence or income uncertainty. We'll take you from idea to program launched & making money in three months.

Get Noticed

In the sea of coaching & wellness experts, how are you going to be heard? At Join the Eveolution, we teach you to design your business as a movement. This unique approach allows you to stand out so you powerfully attract fans, ideal clients, & income.

Live Free

Modern life does not support women or men well. Working a 9-5 job keeps you from your children, partner, friends, family... it prevents you from living a healthy life. Start an online coaching business and take control of your own lifestyle.

The Time is Now!

There is a reason you are being called to do something great in the world right now. It is a time of global awakening and you're meant to play a very special role. But, you can't help people if you don't figure out how to find clients and make a living. That's MY purpose. To show YOU a clear path to a lucrative coaching business. Here's the plan...

Kimberly Viera JoinTheEveolution.com

Use Our Step-By-Step Systems

Your Business Strategy... Done

If we have not yet met, I'm Kimberly Viera, author, speaker and business coach & trainer since 2007. I'll show you how to start, launch, and grow a thriving coaching, wellness, healing, or teaching business in a systematic way. Stop doing it alone. There are clear steps to take and you can follow them to unimaginable success.

Trusted By Entrepreneurs Like You

"Working with Kimberly has changed my life. I’m two months into coaching 14 clients!"

"Last year, I was thinking I'd have to quit coaching and go back to a JOB. 

Launch Intensive turned it all around..."

"Launch Intensive gave me not only a clear plan but structure and accountability. You made it so easy."


Join The 7-Day 'Get Clear On Your Purpose' Challenge

Before you can have a profitable coaching business, you must first get clear on your purpose... exactly what you're here to do. No matter how long you've been working on your business, this is the place to start.

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What Do You Need MOST In Your Coaching Business Right Now?


Unclear what to focus on and prioritize? Here is the blueprint to make money as a coach.

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You're not in business if you don't get paid. Build this system to start enrolling clients.

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Too much 'stuff' to create in your business? It's all done for you and ready to go in our shop.

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What if you had a group of professionals with the single mission to get you to your goal?

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You Can Have It All

But, it's hard to do it alone. If you are tired of trying to piece it all together... if you are ready for accountability, deadlines, and results... the first step is to join our twelve-week training. This Launch Intensive is a totally unique, fast-track, step-by-step program showing you exactly how to build a coaching business that stands out in your field, creates loyal fans, and quickly becomes profitable. 


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Join Our Next 3 Month Launch Intensive

March, 2024

Vision & Plan

In this four-week 'sprint' you will lay out your business vision, mission, and learn how to create an inspiring movement around your brand. You'll define your niche (the problem you can fix & who your solution is for) and you'll create a simple two page website to get started online. You won't be alone. We'll do all of it together, step-by-step. You'll get more done in four weeks than you have in the last four years.

April, 2024

Signature System

The second month you'll laser focus your niche and solution & create your own signature system, the assets for your program, and add them into your site - ready to enroll clients. Stand out as a unique voice, get clients and customers eager to work with you, and know exactly what transformation you will lead them through, step-by-step. 

May, 2024

Group Launch

You've nailed your vision, mission, target audience, and long-term plan. You've created your own website (that will grow beautifully as you need it to), and unique, foundational coaching program. Now you're going to make money. Discover how to reach people & enroll them in your program, create the necessary assets, then we launch together in a special group event.

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